Jennifer Ann Palagonia 01/13/82 - 06/15/14

True Friendship Is To Understand and To Be Understood

"Jennifer was my girlfriend when I was 15-16 years old, and the first woman I really fell in love with. For most people, the first woman you fall in love with, will remain a significant influence throughout your lifetime, and she was that person for me... After Sachem High School we really didn't see each other too much until my arrest 13 years later and I honestly didn't know much about what is written below. Jen wrote me several emails while I was incarcerated from 2013-2014, that I didn't read until after she passed away, and after I was released from prison. She came to visit me in Yaphank's Suffolk County Correctional Facility, before my trial started, and asked me to put her story on a website. I also talked to her frequently over the telephone while I was in a hospital for about three months during my incarceration. I created this website to fulfill my promise to her. " - John Egan